Mitsoft Digital Marketing Google Ads – Google Adwords 100% Recommended for new marketers

Google Ads – Google Adwords 100% Recommended for new marketers


Google Ads – Google Adwords Need –

Google is being the most important and very necessary platform for today’s peoples. The users in most cases using google for their search from excellent pen prices to house prices and also the places knowledge-related question answers, and anything according to their needs.

So as per the searches and people are always want to see the best result and google always delivers the best result to their users. Here is important that the best results are always come with the ranking of the particular keyword, but the result comes rank wise into the first search result page google separate the results by ranking, and they in most of the cases google place their paid ads over first result section in 1 or 2 or 3 no search result and their written ads by google.

Like search, ads google also provide their image, video, gif, and different kind of ads over different websites, youtube video, and elsewhere. For the program of Google Adsense, people are always getting interested in placing the ads on their websites, on youtube channels, and in different places according to the Google platforms. So the ads of paid customers are always delivering by Google in different places.

Google Ads – Google Adwords Needful Question Answers:

Now we discussing some questin answers according to your thinking –

How much does it cost to Google ads?

As per the historic movements, google ads were very costly for the common entrepreneurs but now google also provides their ads also in a very low budget. So if we want to say in Indian currency then you can also start their ads even in 1000 Rupees budget to promote any business over google platforms. So this is not very costly today.


Are Google ads free?

No, google ads are not free they charge for their ads placements. But after starting a google account sometimes they provide some discount and offers for the first customer. If you have seen anywhere that you can start it completely free then you knew about the wrong information.

Are Google ads worth the money?

When google charge on your google ads balance after the ads placement? Google don’t charge money for watching the ads to the peoples. They only charge when people click on the ads or when your ads getting the genuine click from the ads in their PPC ads campaign.

Is it better to advertise on Facebook than Google Ads?


Facebook and Google both become very popular platforms in today’s market. It’s can’t say purely that where your ads will perform better but as per Mitsoft opinion is when people search for something with interest then the user is very targeted to the result for his/her need then the user became a quality person to t

he ads provider if then the user can see the advertise then the chance to visit the targeted locations to the ads provider are getting high, and which is provided by Google in their search result ads. But else all ads are both platforms is not attending the search target of the users.

How can we start google ads?

It’s also a very simple process became today. You need a google account then sign in your account and then visit there you can get one by one steps with different options. You can also use a smart campaign for primary users and if you already know all the things you can change the expert campaign

We have already discussed different question answers as per the users who are interested in google ads and hope we had given some important information according to your doubt if you still have any questions then please ask in the comment section below –

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